Wedding Photographer Berlin | is your photographer able to speak english at your wedding?

Wedding Photographer Berlin

In Germany we are not very often in a situation, where we have to speak english. But luckily the life gets more and more multicultural. So lots of couples nowadays are bilingual.
That’s why we would like to talk a little bit about the necessity of speaking english at a wedding. From our point of view this could be an issue for all the service provider at a wedding – not only for the photographer
The communication is very important. This even starts bevor your wedding. We personally like to meet the future bride and groom in advance. This is not only a good opportunity to talk about the time schedule of the wedding, but also to get to know each other. The chemistry between the bride and groom and us is very important. Because we will spend a hole day together. So you should feel absolutely comfortable having us around. Therefore we like to create a good atmosphere. Besides we always try to stay in the background at your wedding. We capture every moment of your romantic wedding day without beeing obvious. Sure, when it comes to the part, where we take group shots we will coordinate a little bit and get the people together. But this is just to relieve you from doing this. Because – as already said – we want to keep you relaxed as good as we can. 
In order to do our job as described above it is absolutely necessairy to talk english with you and as well with your family and friends. For us this is not a problem at all. We already had a few weddings in Berlin and Brandenburg where the groom and his friends only spoke english. We got along quite well with each other and took fantastic wedding pictures. So let’s do this!


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